Founder Gym Graduation

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2020

There is always uncertainty in the world and it is hard to know what is a safe bet. At a time when many things are disconnected connectivity and integration are more important than ever.

One sure bet is a commitment to yourself and making the world better than you found it.

For the past 6 weeks, We've had my head down in Founder Gym, a selective online program that trains underrepresented founders on how to raise money to scale their tech startups.


Mandela Schumacher-Hodge Dixon and Paige Hendrix Buckner (she/her) curated an amazing group of expert trainers and resources for founders and different stages. With an inclusive group of generous and talented peers in my cohort, the experience has forever changed me and what we know is possible to create in the world. The next generation of companies will be more diverse and inclusive from the ground up and not as a consequence of latent efforts.


Check out this article to get to know us now and leave a...

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iO Genesys 2018 Hackathon

hackathon Mar 13, 2018

In February iO Genesys Created a sponsored hackathon in Goa which resulted in 3 winning teams. The teams have 4 different challenges to choose from and had to demo there work to a panel. The projects ranged from integrated automotive application to geo-fencing. iO Genesys is a huge advocate of innovation and ingenuity of up and coming generations.

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Quark 2018 Event Sponsor


 In 2016 our team visited the university campus and was impressed by the innovated student talent. In 2018 iO Genesys Inc. has become the official title sponsor of the BITS University Quark Event in Goa India. iO Genesys support innovation and learning in tech and is proud. We have also created a Hackathon for students to participate in and flex their development skill. 

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Dreamforce 2017

dreamforce Nov 07, 2017

Our Co-founder Sheldon Callahan gave a talk on behalf of Atlassian about Streamlining Cloud Deployments. In addition, our clients from David E Glover Education Technology Center also spoke about AI, AR, and VR and how technology partners like iO Genesys transformed their reporting capabilities.

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On our way to Dreamforce

dreamforce Nov 06, 2017
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Gearing up for Dreamforce and our KONNECTID Launch!

dreamforce konnectid Nov 04, 2017

Our Co Founder and Senior Advisor Sheldon Callahan will be Speaking at the Dreamforce as well as broadcasting the launch of our new application Konnectid which will change how classed based nonprofits run there business.

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Our New Site and Platform

iogenesys website Nov 03, 2017

We have been working hard to deliver a next-generation platform and experience on our website. We have been digging deep into our experience and over the next few months will be rolling out new programs, products, and experiences to reach more of you out there with exciting opportunities for your small business to midsize or nonprofit. Our new platform will allow us to bring you new content to help you build and run your business. 

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