Job description

Title: Sales Enablement Lead
Location: Remote, US

Job Description
Sales Enablement at iO Genesys is a blend of art & science - the art of expanding the iO Genesys 'value' philosophy of embracing a simplified transparency with the customer, combined with the science of understanding how to build effective product evangelists out of every individual and role in our direct and channel sales organizations.

iO Genesys is looking for an Enablement specialist to onboard, enable and train our customer facing organizations who help iO Genesys customers make informed decisions based on the capabilities of iO Genesys products.

Coming into this role you must have exposure to the customer's technology needs in one or more of these areas: Application Development LifecycleManagement (ADLM), CRM, and modern IT Service Management.



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iO Genesys products (Konnectid) is used in class based business vertical and segment from Nonprofits, to deliver these technical solutions. Your goal will be to best equip individuals in various customer facing positions to discuss and demonstrate the benefits of the iO Genesys suite to address these solutions.

More About You

For this role, we want someone who thinks strategically but executes with fine precision - part experienced sales person, part technologist, part program owner and part coach. The job is not just about the technical bits (though that is important) - but also about how to optimize the knowledge and skills of our customer facing teams and to accelerate the customer product adoption cycle. You are a team player who is interested in not only enabling our customer facing roles but also looking for opportunities to benefit the larger organization.

You have a passion for technical sales & marketing, and the ability to speak to both technology and solutions sales. You have experience with innovating sales methodologies and accelerating learning within distributed sales organizations.

Role and Responsibilities

Collaborate with Sales Team and Operations Team to create and execute sales enablement programs and to understand performance and opportunities for improvement
Delivery and execution of sales on-boarding, training and coaching programs leveraging online learning systems, in-person workshops, and other content delivery platforms
Create and evolve on-boarding programs that shorten the ramp up time to productivity



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